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Sep. 22nd, 2007 | 02:05 pm
mood: hungryhungry

   A bit of what's been going on the past several weeks:

 -- I am no longer apartment hunting. I am staying with Rachel and Ellie until the lease here runs out in April. This is a great thing. :) It's going really well.
 -- I got an XBOX 360 off of ebay and am addicted to GH II. GH III comes out in October or November, can't wait. Oh yeah, and Halo 3. 
 -- I've taken lots of pics(you can find them on facebook), and gotten to see a few new parts of the city. 

-- I've been biking recently(averaging about 70 blocks each time), which I love.

-- A co-worker confessed to stealing almost $500, a fiasco had ensued because of the missing money of course.

-- Work has been chaotic due to retardedness(consistently late partners, improper ordering, etc.), new cash management system, and lots of visits from corporate, like the President of Starbucks North America this past Wednesday.

-- Still trying to find out more about preparing for the ASM promotion.

-- Got a NY drivers' license.

-- Went to the San Gennaro festival(a.k.a The Feast of San Gennaro) and had amazing italian sausage, cannoli, zeppolies, and gelato. MMM!

-- Going to Six Flags Great Adventure in a few weeks with Rach's work, yay!

-- We are supposed to be going to Northampton(MA) soon to hang out with one of Rach's friends.

-- Also supposed to be going to Vermont before the end of the year it would seem.

That's pretty much what's going on here, life is busy. I've been opening mostly, which means waking up at 3:50AM! I am trying to come back for Christmas, so we'll see about that. The store is open unfortunately. On a more interesting note, I did find out that the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade goes right past the store so even though I will undoubtedly be working, I'll have a neat view!

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